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The Roebuck Inn

Great tasting food and drinks, and great company – these pretty sums up a perfect night after a busy, long day at work. For Hilderstone residents, hanging out with mates had never been fun and satisfying without The Roebuck Inn as their gathering place.

The local village pub that we all loved since the old days, The Roebuck Inn is reopened in 2017 to serve patrons and visitors with well-kept real ales and a large variety of carefully selected drinks.

The unspoilt, homey atmosphere of the pub, together with freshly cooked and prepared meals and amazing drinks, would surely keep you coming back.

The pub is not only for adults. Families with kids are also welcome to enjoy the large selection of delectable dishes and delicious drinks we serve. We also host live acoustic sessions, quiz nights, and a variety of pub games to liven up your night and make it unforgettable.

If you happen to be in town for either long or short visit, make sure to drop by at The Roebuck Inn to enjoy good food and drink like a local.

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Welcome stop off point for people going to Alton Towers, Matlock Baths and the Monkey Forest in Trentham!!

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