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The Roebuck Inn is known for serving a variety of beers and original mallets and dark fruits cider for the summer. We also serve a variety of carefully selected vodkas and wines you can enjoy sipping while having a conversation with your mates or while enjoying a live performance during our acoustic nights with three traditional real ales always on offer with two guest-rotating ales ruby red and amber.

If you’re looking for an ideal pub to enjoy a good drink and entertainment, The Roebuck Inn is where you should go.

2 guest beers, ruby red and amber, change the guest beers once a week
Holiday Events

Holiday Events

For so many years, The Roebuck Inn has been a favorite spot for Hilderstone locals and tourists to celebrate holidays.

From Christmas concerts, Halloween parties, and other types of holiday celebrations, they shouldn’t be celebrated alone. For Hilderstone locals, these are the times when everyone can gather for a festive get-together with family members and friends.

Make sure to check on our holiday event schedules, and book a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment.


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Welcome stop off point for people going to Alton Towers, Matlock Baths and the Monkey Forest in Trentham!!

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